Are You Relevant?

This is the big buzz word in the world of search these days. It has always been import, since the main goal of any search engine is to return content that a searcher is looking for or is “relevant” to the query. But recently, it seems relevancy has taken on an even greater importance. One of the key drivers is the Hummingbird algorithm and it semantic search element. Google is now attempting to understand the intent behind a search query rather than simply matching content that contains specific words. Google now sees search engine optimization firm as a group rather than four individual words “search” “engine” “optimization” “firm”.

The new algorithm has made it more difficult to game the system by simply stuffing as many keywords into content as possible so the page or website will rank higher.   Google’s intent-driven search now wants to find content that talks about the keyword phrase rather than the phrase itself.

This means you need to think about your content and write things people actually want to read. You know if is relevant when other industry sites link to your content because it is meaningful and well written. The more other people like your content and link to it, the more Google deems it is relevant and will reward your efforts by ranking your pages higher.