Brand Keywords vs. Unbranded Keywords

Focusing only on brand keywords is like preaching to the choir. They are intimately familiar with you, but you are not brining in any new people into your flock. You need to speak to your existing customers to keep the business strong, AND you need to speak to potential new customers to grow the business. This requires optimizing for brand and unbranded keywords.

Brand keywords are what they sound like.   According to Google, “brand keywords are the words which people use to search on Google (or other search engines) when they are specifically trying to find your company’s site or products. The obvious examples are the name of your company, your brand, or the actual address of your website.”

Conversely, unbranded keywords do not include a company name or any part of it including misspellings. They are used by people who may not be aware of your business, but are in need of information about the type of product or service you provide. And, unbranded keywords make up the majority of organic search queries.

For example, “Nashville SEO Company” would be a brand keyword. Whereas “how to rank well in the search engines” would be an unbranded keyword phrase.

Unbranded keywords are a better metric to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns over time as they will show you the new customers you are gaining.