Color and SEO

Color can have a significant and game changing impact on how your site is perceived and used by visitors and customers, particularly when it comes to conversion rate. But, does it really have an impact on how you rank in the search results? Well, not exactly. For all intensive purposes, search engines are color blind.

Color can have an indirect SEO impact by making your site more user friendly. Google and the others prefer sites that interests and compels people to spend more time with the site.

Where color can get you in trouble with the search engines is if you are trying to hide text on a page by making it the same color as the background. Hiding text used to be a way to stuff keywords on your home page that the search engines would see, but visitors wouldn’t. This is considered a black hat SEO tactic and can negatively impact your search results.

When you are working with a designer to build or redesign your website, make sure they are first an SEO and second a designer. A lot goes into designing an SEO-friendly site and color is a significant factor. It very difficult to try to create an effective SEO strategy when the website design is not optimized from the outset.