Don’t Forget the Others

When it comes to SEO it is easy to become a bit myopic and only think…“What would Google do?” That makes sense to a point as Google controls so much of the search market. However, Google is not the only fish in the sea and ignoring all other search engines can mean missing out on an important part of the market.   It’s a matter of balance. Keep the amount of SEO time you or your search engine optimization firm dedicate to other search engines commensurate with their importance.

Consider Bing, for example. They are the second largest of the traditional search engines by number of searches. And, they have a different search algorithm than Google. So ranking high in Google does not guarantee you will rank high on Bing and via versa.

A recent Searchmetrics study found that 24.7% of the URLs listed were the same when comparing the first results page of both Bing and Google. Clearly, there is a difference, but it is subtle.

Searchmetric reports that the top five key findings were:

  • Top brands rank higher on Bing, as they do in Google
  • Backlink numbers are closely linked to higher rankings on Bing
  • Social signals closely linked to higher rankings
  • Quality content is important for search rankings
  • On page technical factors are a must have

A few things that Bing likes…

  • Mature domains – it puts greater emphasis on domain age
  • Title tags – so be sure to put keywords in your title tags
  • Flash – well it’s more of it doesn’t cause the same problems as with Google

So keep the focus on Google, but don’t completely neglect of the other search engines.