Don’t Let Anchor Text Weigh you Down

Anchor text is the words in a story or content that are clickable having been made into hyperlink. The words in the anchor text can have an impact on how the page ranks in the search engines. These text phrases art typically less than 60 characters in length and they usually provide a description about the links destination.

For example, if you saw “SEO experts in the Nashville area” as a hyperlink in a story you would expect to go to a destination that talked about SEO experts in the Nashville area. Or if you clicked on a hyperlink that says “local search,” you would expect to be sent to content talking about that subject.

Anchor text can be an effective part of your deep linking strategy within your own website as well. But be careful. Google will take quick notice if the majority of links on a page are coming from one or two anchor texts and they will deem those links as unnatural and ding you. So make sure to diversify your anchor texts when link building.