Reputation Management Is a Must

There is an on old marketing adage. A happy customer will tell two or three friends. An unhappy customer will tell 10 friends why they are unhappy with your product or service. Now days, an unhappy customer will tell the world via the Internet and those comments never seem to expire or go away.

The sad fact is that we live in an era where you are whatever Google says you are. Consequently, Reputation Management is of paramount importance. Unbeknownst to many people, search engine results have the ability to make or break you, and having a bad reputation can lead to negative impacts on your search engine rankings. Online reputation management is now a necessity due to social media, online news sites, blogs and anonymous complaint boards.

Responding to customer complaints, asking sites to take down incorrect information and using online feedback to influence service or product development are strategies to improve your online reputation.  Negative reviews can be particularly tricky and difficult to overcome.   This is in part due to the forum-like architecture of review sites. You essentially need to drown out the negative with positive reviews, news and keyword driven stories about your business.

If your reputation has been tarnished on the Internet in any way, you need to take action right away. A qualified SEO firm can help you to mitigate the damage.