SEO Landing Pages Have Two Jobs to Do

Landing pages are often referred to when talking about pay-per-click advertising. However, landing pages also play a significant role in SEO and improving search results. SEO landing pages have two jobs to do…

  • Providing optimized keyword driven content so you rank well with search engines
  • Pulling customers in to your website by providing relevant information they are looking for and making it easy for them to take action

Effective SEO landing pages tell a story and are there to provide information the searchers intended to find. We are not always looking for product information. Sometimes we are just trying to solve a problem or do research. Creating landing page content that provides solutions to common pain points and are not necessarily pitching a product will often encourage searchers to click through to your main page. They also have the added benefit of providing the type of content Google likes.

Start with a great title that catches attention and includes the keywords
How SEO improved search results among top Nashville Consulting Services

Set up the problem
ABC Computer Consulting never showed up in the results of the major search engines

Provide possible solutions
Considered PPC advertising and a cohesive SEO strategy

Solve the problem
Chose a cohesive SEO strategy and now consistently ranks at the top of search results

Invite searchers to take action
Share this story via your social media sites.

SEO landing pages should also be content rich. That is to say, there needs to be enough information to demonstrate to Google the content is relevant and about a specific topic. There are several schools of thought, but in general if you provide content of 250 – 350 words you will meet the requirement.