Subpage Optimization

A well optimized website will often produce 50% + of its traffic from its subpages. Consequently, optimizing your subpages is a critical part of SEO.

A subpage is a web page that appears below the top-level pages and typically shows up as part of a drop-down menu in your navigation bar.

The same SEO efforts that helped your home page rank well will help subpages rank well. You want to focus on strong link building, keyword optimization, unique content, etc. By targeting a different keyword phrase for each subpage you significantly increase the chance of scoring well for that phrase and producing traffic to that page. Subpage optimization includes adjustment of meta data, images tags and keyword density.

Meta data is the underlying code on websites that provides information to search engines about the website’s subject matter. The meta data on a site includes titles, descriptions, keywords, robot instructions and even location. This information is placed as tags in the head section of an HTML document. When a search engine spider crawls a site, one of the specific items it gathers is the meta data. The subpages’ meta data can be optimized to target specific keyword phrases, that have been selected from the keyword analysis.

The home page is the most important web page, but don’t focus all your SEO efforts there. Optimizing subpages is also an important factor in your SEO strategy.