Test Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are an important part of your marketing and SEO strategy. This is where you send someone when using pay-per-click advertising or are building SEO with specific keyword driven content. These are gateway pages that are intended to pull someone into your site so you can hopefully convert them to take some action – fill out a form, download a report, contact you – so you can eventually convert them into paying customers.

There are strategies to writing a good landing page which include coming up with the right call to action, using contrasting color buttons (green vs. red) and putting your call to action above the scroll line. But how do you know if your landing pages are really working for you? You test.

You should test everything you can and always aim for improvement. You can test headlines, button size and shape, color, and even your lead form. The simple act of simplifying your lead capture form can cause conversion rates to double and even triple in some cases.

Whatever you test, remember to get a baseline reading on how what you are currently doing is performing. That way you have something to measure against. One data point is of no use, but two can tell you a lot. Also, remember to only test one change at a time, or else you will not know what is causing the change in performance.