URL Canonicalization

Did you know your website URL can have multiple names? The same root name can be displayed many different ways. Humans make the connection and deem them all to be the same. Search engines, however, do not. They see each URL as a different entity which can be confusing and cause a negative reaction. URL canonicalization can fix that problem.

For example Nashvilleseocompany.net can appear as http://nashvilleseocompany.net, http://www.nashvilleseocompan.net, http:// nashvilleseocompan.net /index.php, or http://www.nashvilleseocompan.net /?source=asdf.

URL canonicalization is the process by which URLs are modified and standardized in a consistent manner. Canonicalization deals with web content that has more than one possible URL. Having multiple URLs display the same web content can cause problems for search engines, specifically in determining which URL should be shown in search results. Additionally, linking back to multiple versions of a domain can inefficiently distribute, or “water down” the page strength across several URLs rather than focusing on and strengthening the primary URL. Using proper canonicalization technique allows for only one version of the URL to be counted, thus making the primary URL stronger in the search engine’s eyes.