What Is the DMCA and Why Should You Care?

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notices have been in the news recently has Word Press has filed a law suit to recoup costs associated with false DMCA takedown requests.

So what is the DMCA?

In general, it added section 512 to Title 17 of the US Code exempting online service providers from copyright infringement liability conducted by the service provider’s users. These online providers are defined as “a provider of online services or network access, or the operator of facilities thereof.” Basically were talking about blogging platforms, discussion forums and hosting companies among others.

It also, created a system whereby the owner of copyrighted material could request the service provider takedown their infringed content.

Why Should You Care?

First if you write it you own it and should protect your work. Second, and a more immediate issue, is that duplicate content can hurt how you rank on the search results page. There are content scrapers out there who can sometimes steal your content re publish it on their site and rank higher because of it. That is a problem for you and is one that needs to be addressed. A DMCA takedown request is one way to keep the scrapers from profiting from your hard work.

Well written, relevant content continues to be ever more important in the Google search algorithm. So it is important to generate strong content and then protect that content any way you can. A DMCA takedown notice is one way to protect your content.