What’s the Big Deal with Google?

So why do we pay so much attention to Google? With the vast majority of the queries going through their search engine they own the market. Consequently, if you want to reach that market, you need to pay attention to Google and what they require to rank well in their search engine. That does not mean you ignore everyone else, it just means that when Google speaks it pays to listen. Like it or not.

Staying in Google’s good graces and ranking well in search results requires continuous feeding and attention. That is because the company is constantly changing and upgrading its search algorithm.   A proven search engine optimization firm can help you stay on top.

It’s most recent update, Hummingbird, is a significant shift in the way their search process works. Hummingbird is Google’s boldest move yet. It’s their effort to add the human element into search so that the algorithm can now understand the intent behind a search query not simply just the words in the search.

The good news is that Google’s search goals and your search goals do line up pretty well. Google’s mission is to deliver the best possible and most relevant information to a search query. By aspiring to their high ideals, you will then provide high quality and relevant content that is easy to find to your potential customers.

Creating websites and content that Google deems relevant and appropriate and puts your site in the number one spot means your business will make a lot more money. Doing that over and over again is worth billions to Google. That’s why they care.