Why is Content So Important?

Content is what we go to the website for in the first place. Content is information. Google and the other search engines want to provide searchers with the best possible information or content that they can. Google has the singular mindset that happy users are loyal users. They make users happy by returning the most relevant and authoritative information that searchers seek.

Without content the whole thing falls apart.

Hummingbird, Google’s new search algorithm makes having a well thought out content strategy much more important. Hummingbird is helping Google understand the intent behind a search query. This means they rely less on specific keywords and more on the type of information a query is seeking.

So it is important to think about why your customers may search for information. They may want product information, industry information or examples of how people are successfully using your product or service. If you offer SEO services, you may want to include information on your website about the services you offer, then in blogs you may want to talk about the latest news about SEO. You then could include case studies and customer success stories as well. Giving Google multiple content options, gives them more ways to rank your site for certain search queries.

Remember though, the process still starts with a keyword phase typed into a search engine. Make sure that you include the keywords you are targeting in your website structure and in your content. Otherwise you will be lost in the sea of information on the Internet.