Working on Your Entrance

One way to be more attractive to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is to add more entrance pages to your website.   This can be done with blogs, video and other creative opportunities. Giving searchers more reasons and ways to enter your site gives Google more reasons to rank your content.

An entrance page and a landing page are often confused. In its purest form, an entrance page is simply the page through which a visitor enters your website for the first time. It is not necessarily the home page. It could be any number of options. They may have come to your page from an ad, after reading a blog, from an email marketing campaign or from a shared social media post. They may have even entered your site the old fashioned way by simply typing in your URL. It matters not. The first page they come to is the entrance page.

It is possible to track entrance pages through Google Analytics. The entrance metric tells you how many visitors to a specific page were also the first visits to the site in that session. It can help you determine what is grapping visitors’ attention and bringing them into your site. Is it a successful marketing campaign, a great story news story about a top SEO firm  in Nashville, a popular blog post, or your recent social media efforts?