You Have to Index to Be Found

You know what they say, “90% of life is showing up.” Well that can be applied to SEO, to some degree.   In order to rank well with the search engines, you first have to be found. The way your website is found, is through the indexing process where the bots crawl your site and see what’s there. Having your pages indexed is the first step to giving the content on your website the opportunity to be viewed by protective customers.

But that is only part of the story. What you really want is for those pages to draw real traffic, or actually earn visits. You want the search engines to be crawling, indexing and listing your pages high enough in the search results that someone will click through to your website and enter your conversion funnel.

How do you earn traffic? Continuously create keyword rich, quality and relevant content that helps build your Page Rank, build external and internal links and avoid duplicate content. More is not necessarily better. But, more high quality content gives you that much more chance to rank well and earn that coveted traffic.

You can check to see what pages on your website have been indexed by using the free Google Webmaster Tools.