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Greg Walthour, CEO

As a business owner, you have probably wondered at some point what exactly a digital marketing agency can do to improve your online presence. As millions of people migrate their spending habits online, how do you not get lost in the shuffle of thousands of online companies all competing for the same potential leads? This is where a Digital Marketing Agency like Nashville SEO comes in and can help you navigate these tumultuous waters successfully. An SEO company like Nashville SEO, should offer you a full range of services that are all designed to maximize your online presence and make users and search engines alike view your website as a hub of information with quality products or services.


How does it work?

SEO sounds complicated and confusing from an outsider perspective, and frankly – it takes a seasoned professional to understand exactly how to maximize your online presence. An SEO specialist will do everything from setting up your domain and host, establishing your URL (your uniform resource locator,) to helping you maximize content, intentional keyword targeting, backend optimization, and much more. A quality digital marketing agency will take a multi-faceted approach to making your website trusted to google and other major search engines – so when potential leads are searching, they’ll find you.


Why use an agency (can’t I learn this myself?)

A common question amongst those new to SEO: “Can’t I learn this myself?” It’s an important question, and should be considered heavily before investing in a full time company like Nashville SEO. Bluntly speaking, most small business owners simply don’t have the time or resources to pour through online videos, blogs, stay up to date on SEO trends and teach themselves the intricacies of HTML and CSS coding languages. SEO is changing by the day as Google adjust its algorithm and the way it scans the internet attempting to match searches. Determining what these changes are and how to strategize to maximize them is a full time job.

Digital Marketing AgencyNashville SEO mitigates this question by setting up an ROI-focused model. Alongside additional PPC and Social Media Management services, Nashville SEO will structure your plan and strategy with return on investment as the foremost important qualifier. Simply put, you should be putting less money into your digital marketing agency than you are getting out of it. Often times, in order to establish and implement a strategy, it can take a few months to see this ROI. However, in the long run, we will work with you to make sure your ROI is positive and worth this initial investment.

What does Nasvhille SEO bring to the table?

  • More than 20 years of expertise
  • SEO, PPC, and Social Media Management
  • Month-to-Month contracts
  • A dedicated team of experts working on your online strategy


How do I get started? What will Nashville SEO do for me?

Signing up for a month-to-month contract with Nashville SEO will set you up with a team of consultants and technical experts that will immediately begin working on optimizing your platform. They will do in depth research on your company and your competitors. They’ll find common keywords or phrases that are searched by potential leads, and point your website at those users through the major search engines. They’ll can help you set up a marketing plan for your business and help you with your PPC and Social Media management to ensure you’re maximizing all channels, for all potential customers.

At the end of the day, the KPI that Nashville SEO will focus on most heavily is increased revenue for your business. Full stop. There is no better metric of success than increased sales from your optimized online presence, and Nashville SEO will help get you there.

To get started with a free consultation and introduction, give us a call at (615)206-7131 or fill out or online contact form and one of our SEO consultants will get in touch with you to determine if we can be of help to your business.